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How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

In light of the coronavirus spreading around the world, more people are practicing social distancing and working from home to help flatten the curve. While getting things done from home can be super comfy and cozy, it can also be challenging to focus and stay on top of your to-dos.

To help you boost your productivity during this time of self-isolation, here we're sharing a few tips and tricks to help you minimize distractions, give structure to your day, and maintain a work/life balance.

Create a designated workspace

As tempting as it may be to work from the comfort of your bed or couch, it's not the most productive way to work. Instead, set up a designated workspace for yourself that makes you happy and excited to check things off your to-do list. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A small desk or table space will work great. We also suggest sprucing it up with decorative items to make it an inspiring place to work.

Plan your day the night before

Planning your day and writing your task list the night before will do wonders at maximizing your productivity. This way, instead of spending the first hour of your day figuring out what you need to get done, you can hit the ground running and be done with your work in no time.

Take fun breaks

When the lines between work and life are blurred, it's really easy to go, go, go all day long, but that isn't sustainable or enjoyable. Take breaks every 45 minutes or so and delight in the flexibility of working from home by doing things during your break you perhaps couldn't do at the office. Meditate while you face mask. Put on a song you love and dance around, or read a few pages in a good book. These moments of pleasure will recharge you, so you'll feel ready to tackle the next thing on your list.

Get ready for the day

Working in your pajamas sounds dreamy (and it is!), but it may also make you a bit lazy. To step up your productivity, act as if you're going into the office and put on regular clothes, and get yourself ready. This simple ritual will make a big difference in your energy level and motivation throughout the day. As they say, if you look good, you feel good. 

Set work hours

Just because you're working from home, that doesn't mean you should be working around the clock. Set times that you'll start and stop working every day and stick to them. Carving out time to nourish yourself in the morning and unwind in the evening will boost your productivity in the long run because you'll have more energy and be able to focus when you do sit down to work.

Find your most productive hours

Take your productivity to another level by finding your peak productivity hours, and create your schedule around them. For example, if you know that you're the most productive first thing in the morning, block off those early hours to complete the tasks that require the most energy and brainpower. Then schedule other things like virtual meetings and catching up with emails for later in the day.

Minimize distractions

From the people you live with to your continually buzzing phone, there are a ton of things at home that can distract you and keep you from finishing your work. Do your best to minimize these distractions. Let the people you live with know that you're not available during certain hours. Leave your phone in the other room so you're not tempted to check your notifications. And given that your entire home is now your workspace try to keep things tidy because it's difficult to concentrate when your space is messy.

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