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This Self-Care Hits Different: Welcome To The Next Generation

This Self-Care Hits Different: Welcome To The Next Generation

Before the (sk)internet provided us with everything we could possibly know about best skincare and menstrual practices, we trusted well-meaning people who shared their tricks for getting rid of a pimple or having more comfortable periods. Generations of us grew up with acne remedies that focused on the destruction of blemishes, yet overlooked the overall condition of our skin and health. We trusted in scented pads and tampons to manage our periods without even thinking about how they were affecting our lady parts. Whew, girl, we’ve come a long way.

As we continue developing our latest innovations in holistic self-care, let’s take a look back at some of the remedies of the past that failed to look at the whole picture of our health and wellness so we can appreciate how far we’ve come. 

  • Toothpaste 

Remember when toothpaste was a favorite DIY acne solution? Look, we love a multipurpose product as much as anyone, especially when the product is something we already have and use every day. But when it comes to our skin, it’s really about using the right tool for the job. Sure, toothpaste contains antibacterial compounds that might zap zits. But it also contains many other ingredients that are simply way too harsh and can irritate or dry your skin out. Extra-dry skin can stimulate excess oil production, which can trigger even more breakouts. 

What you want instead is a targeted spot treatment, and our Miracle Clear Soothing Spot Gel is the perfect tool for the job. It helps minimize early stage, underground blemishes before they surface. Best part: You can use it on the go and reapply throughout the day without drying out your skin. 


  • Heavy Duty Exfoliators 
  • There was an era when the tight and tingly—or stinging?—feeling was a sign that the products were working. The more abrasive the facial scrub, the better! 

    Who else is tired of the philosophy “No pain, no gain”? While it might logically seem that a harsher exfoliant will work harder, nature and sensitive skin beg to differ. Look at our Pore Purifying Clay Mask, for instance. All natural Dried Cica and Tea Tree Leaves gently exfoliate, Glycerin and Panthenol hydrate and soothe skin, and Jeju Mugwort Extract helps protect skin from stress while targeting blemishes. You can help skin cell turnover without damaging your moisture barrier, even if you have the most sensitive skin. 

  • Blackhead Strips
  • No pubescent sleepover party at the turn of the twenty-first century was complete without some at-home facial treatments in the form of this adhesive strip. While the masochists in us found joy in the dirt that got yanked out of our pores, we didn’t realize that we were actually making it easier for more impurities to clog those pores with more blackheads (not to mention, all the blackheads that never cleared in the first place in the areas where the strip didn’t stick). 

    That’s where our Miracle Patch Pore Melting Pack comes in. All gain, no pain—this next generation nose strip melts the impurities so you can just gently wipe them all away with the sebum-clearing swab that can really get in and around the contours of your nose, finished up with the soothing sheet to help reduce redness. 

  • Scented Pads & Tampons
  • Nobody wants their downstairs lady smells to draw attention to the fact that, yes, they are on their period. But that doesn’t mean you need to mask the odors, nor that your pad should act as that mask either. First of all, our plumbing is a self-cleaning apparatus, everything that comes out is totally natural. Second, outside of “fragrance” being used as a blanket term for unspecified chemicals in these menstrual products, the chemicals can throw off your pH balance and actually make your parts smell funkier than normal. 

    That’s why we designed our Organic Cotton Cover Pads for maximum breathability. No need for undisclosed chemicals when the breathable design alleviates odors naturally, while keeping you dry all day. 

  • Douching 
  • Let’s be happy that “douche” is a casual insult rather than a necessary hygiene practice, as our foremothers before us once believed. As we just mentioned, our lady parts are self-cleaning. We absolutely do not need to concoct a vinegar or iodine solution and squirt it up the vagina! 

    But we do understand that you can get ripe down there, especially if you’ve been active and/or it’s a hot day and/or it’s a sexy day. These conditions can throw off your pH and create some vulvar discomfort, for which you’ll want to use our Soothing Vulva Care line for relief. Naturally powered by Hibiscus Extract, our wipes, wash, gel, and mist will gently show some pH-balanced love to your vulva so you feel fresh and comfy. 

  • Polyester Tampons
  • Used in super absorbent tampons of the ’80s, polyester was unfortunately linked to occurrences of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Fortunately those synthetic tampons were recalled, and in 1989 scientists confirmed the link between synthetic materials creating a fertile environment for TSS-causing bacteria. 

    Even more fortunately for you, our tampons are 100% organic cotton from tip to string, absorb all flows, and come in compact or plant-based applicators for your comfort and peace of mind. You can also trust in our cute and comfy Period Underwear or medical-grade Menstrual Cups for even more options for leak-proof coverage to suit your flow.  

    With more knowledge comes more power, and we hope that knowing the possible harmful effects of old school feminine care will empower you to make the best, healthiest, comfiest choices for yourself! You can have good results without the bad side effects. With clean ingredients and Korean innovation, Rael has you covered for the future and beyond.

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