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What is a vulva?+

The vulva is the outer part of your genitals. This includes the opening of the vagina, the labia majora or the outer lips, and labia minora or inner lips, and the clitoris.

Why does my vulva itch? +

There can be various causes for vulvar itch. Things like harsh soaps, harsh feminine sprays, douches, detergents, and scented feminine care can all lead to vulvar itch.

How to calm vulvar itching? +

The best way to calm and soothe your vulva is by using gentle, pH balanced feminine care products. Our Soothing Vulva Care Collection and Natural Feminine Collection use clean, botanical ingredients that are gentle on the skin around your vulva and ideal for everyday use.

How to clean your vulva?+

Use warm water and gentle soap like our Soothing Gel to Foam Feminine Wash or our Natural Foaming Feminine Wash. Rinse thoroughly and pat the area dry.

Are regular soaps bad for my vulva? +

Perfumed soaps can often irritate the delicate skin on your vulva. Use a mild, pH balanced wash to gently wash your intimate areas.

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