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Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 1Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 2Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 3Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 4Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 5Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 6Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 7Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 8Overnight Spot Cover
Product image 9Overnight Spot Cover

Overnight Spot Cover
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For Overnight use on Surface Spots 52-104 count

Regular price $12.99

More adhesive than the average pimple patch, the Overnight Spot Cover is made with high-powered medical grade hydrocolloid dressing that stays on your skin all night, gently removing oil and dirt from your pores through every toss and turn. Dermatologist tested.

Best For

Wearing on surface spots while sleeping.

What's Included

  • 8mm Hydrocolloid patches, 16-32 count
  • 10mm Hydrocolloid patches, 20-40 count
  • 12mm Hydrocolloid patches, 16-32 count


Shrink spots while you sleep
  • Won't rub off on your pillow or sheets
  • Gently draws out pus and oil straight from the source
  • Protects against pillow germs to promote healing
Losing sleep over zits?

Put pimples to bed.

Directions: Press onto cleansed & dry spot for 3 seconds and leave for minimum 4-8 hours or until it turns white. Peel off in the morning to reveal clearer skin.

The Result:

You wake up from an acne nightmare to the complexion of your dreams.

A Miracle Patch for All Phases of You Because pimples don't just pop up one moment then *poof!* disappear the next, we developed the Miracle Patch collection to treat the various stages of the acne lifecycle. Whether emerging, surfaced, or flattened, isolated or clustered in hotspots, you can find a patch that's the perfect match for your skin emergency. Shop The Entire Collection
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