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5 Small Changes You Can Make to Help the Planet in a Big Way

5 Small Changes You Can Make to Help the Planet in a Big Way

Earth Day is here! Although we may not be able to all come together and celebrate during these times, we can still honor Mother Earth through our actions. It is our responsibility as individuals and as a collective to do our part to care for and protect the planet in whatever way we can. And it doesn't have to be huge gestures either. It's really the small, daily shifts and changes that we make in our lives that, in turn, create radical transformation. 

Excited to do your part? Us too! Here we're sharing five ways you can show the planet some love on Earth Day and beyond. 

1. Focus on one thing you can do each day

While the thought of living an eco-conscious lifestyle can feel like a big undertaking, remember it's not about being perfect. Instead of looking at sustainability from an all or nothing approach, focus on one small change you can make each day and let that be enough. One day it might be taking your mug to the coffee shop. Another day it might be riding your bike to the store instead of driving. It's the small changes that make a significant impact. 

2. Switch to reusable period products

Using tampons with biodegradable applicators is undoubtedly one way to do your part, but if you really want to take your eco-friendly efforts to the next level, meet Rael's new Organic Cotton Reusable Pads and liners. They're made with five moisture-wicking layers of 100% certified organic cotton and zero chemicals. After your period, instead of tossing menstrual care products in the trash, you can throw them in the washing machine and reuse them up to 120 times (that's a whole lot of cycles!). Now that is the epitome of small changes creating a major impact.

3. Shop from ethical brands

As consumers, we must do our research and invest our money on products that are good for us and the planet. Thankfully for Mother Nature, there are more and more brands that are adopting sustainable practices and using materials that don’t harm the planet giving us shoppers many more options to choose from across different categories from skincare to clothing and everything in between. Being eco-friendly is cool, friends. Spread the word. 

4. Say no to plastic 

It's no secret that single-use plastic is not good for the world. So anything you can do to reduce your use of it is a huge win. For example, instead of purchasing plastic water bottles, you can invest in a stylish reusable one that will make you excited to chug your H20 every day. You can also bring a cute tote bag (or three!) with you to the grocery store, store your food in glass containers, and sip from stainless steel straws. 

5. Be an energy efficiency queen

The energy you use in your home also creates an environmental footprint. Easy things you can do to reduce the impact include turning lights and appliances off when you're not using them and putting your lights on a dimmer (hello, relaxing ambiance!). Washing your clothes with cold water instead of hot also requires less energy and keeps them looking fresh. Not only are you showing the planet some TLC with these small energy shifts, but you'll also lower your monthly energy bill to boot.  

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