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Are Beauty Face Sheets Effective?

Are Beauty Face Sheets Effective?

You may have noticed many of your favorite social media influencers are wearing (and raving about) beauty face sheets. The latest in facial mask innovation, these types of masks are paper-thin fabrics that are saturated with skin rejuvenating and hydrating ingredients to give your skin a super-charged dose of radiance in just 10-20 minutes. 

There are different types of beauty face sheets available, so no matter your skin concern, there’s a face sheet solution. 

If you’re short on time and in deep need of healthier skin, sheet masks are your new best friend. Beauty sheet masks are quite effective. Read on to learn how they work, how to use them, plus our top recommendations for you to try. 

How Do Beauty Face Sheets Work?

Sheet masks work by delivering concentrated ingredients to your skin while a protective layer of fabric covers your skin. Sheet masks are made of fibers like cotton, coconut pulp, or sustainable bamboo thread. These fibers are doused in hydrating, healing, and restorative ingredients and vacuum-sealed in a package until you take them out for use. 

When you remove a face sheet mask from the package and place it on your skin, it creates a seal so that the ingredients inside can begin penetrating deeply and delivering hydration. Normally, you’ll only need to wear a sheet mask for less than half an hour, and when you remove it from your skin, the mask will be drier, and your skin will be softer, brighter, and maybe even a little more wrinkle-free. 

So how do you know which sheet mask will have your skin glowing like your favorite beauty influencer? It’s all about the ingredients…

Best Sheet Mask Ingredients

You want a sheet mask, but you aren’t sure which one to choose. It’s understandable; there are literally aisles full of sheet masks at your local big-box store, and they all claim to contain plant botanicals and exotic ingredients that will make your skin glow. 

So which ingredients are truly beneficial? Let’s break it down by skin concern. 

Best For Hydration

Fruit extracts are amazing for skin that seems perpetually parched (especially during certain times of your monthly cycle). You may think you get enough vitamin C in your multivitamin, but your skin will be thrilled with the extra antioxidant attention when you apply it topically. For example, pineapple extract, or “bromelain,” contains high levels of vitamins E, C, and K, which can protect your skin, help hydrate it, and even brighten your skin’s overall complexion. 

Vitamin C is also effective in helping to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, helping to fade them and correct skin tone. 

  • One to try: Rael’s Hydration Sheet Masks are super-charged bamboo sheet masks with both pineapple and orange fruit extracts, and skin-plumping rose extract. These masks leave parched skin quenched and penetrate deeply to leave your skin feeling ultra-hydrated for hours. 

You can use a hydrating sheet mask as frequently as needed or when your skin feels especially dry. You should always apply your regular moisturizer after you remove your sheet mask.  

Best For Oily Skin

Whether you’ve got oily skin 24/7 or when your hormones change throughout the month, it can be frustrating to try to keep your skin from looking greasy. Layers of powder only make matters worse, and excessive washing can have the opposite effect you're going for, triggering your sebaceous glands to produce even more oil. Our favorite oil-busting ingredient? Tea tree oil. 

Tea tree oil is a natural plant extract that studies show can help balance skin’s natural moisture levels, and even assist in battling blemishes. Tea tree oil can be drying, so it’s crucial your tea tree oil mask also includes a soothing, hydrating ingredient like chamomile. 

  • One to try: Rael Tea Tree Sheet Masks helps your overly excited sebaceous glands settle down while nourishing and soothing your skin with ingredients like cica extract and chamomile. Tea tree oil dives deep into pores to clear out dirt and oil, so your skin not only looks better, it feels better. 

You can use a tea tree mask regularly, or just stash a few of them for your oiliest days of the month. Tea tree oil is an excellent alternative to standard oily skincare products, which can strip your skin of all its natural moisture and leave it feeling dry and susceptible to flakes and peeling. 

Best For Anti-Aging

If fine lines and wrinkles are crashing your forehead like uninvited guests at a wedding, we’ve got the solution - collagen. The good news is, your skin makes it on its own. The bad news is, production slows down as you age. 

Collagen is a basic building block of your skin tissue, and it also makes up fibers in your body like tendons and ligaments. Collagen helps keep your skin looking plump. As you get older, your collagen production slows, making your skin look and feel thinner and less elastic. This becomes the perfect environment for fine lines and wrinkles to start forming.

Using collagen can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production, It’s one of the best anti-aging ingredients available!  

  • One to try: Rael Collagen Sheet Masks are like the fountain of youth wrapped up in a little bamboo facial sheet. Our collagen sheet masks contain age-defying hydrolyzed collagen, hydrating wheat amino acids, and skin-smoothing licorice root. 

These masks also contain an extensive list of incredibly hydrating plant root extracts, which leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized and replenished.

Pro tip: Fine lines and wrinkles are most visible when your skin is dehydrated. Try rotating hydrating face masks with collagen face masks to give your skin a double dose of hydration and age-defying power. And remember to drink lots of water all day, every day!

Best For Dull Skin Tone

Dull skin is a common symptom many women experience just after ovulation. It can be frustrating to wake up to skin that looks lifeless, sallow, or just lacks radiance, especially when you haven’t changed any part of your skincare routine. 

When your skin is lackluster, it’s vitamin C to the rescue. This antioxidant is world-renowned for brightening skin and helping it look more radiant. Vitamin C can also help even out skin tone and help battle blemishes. 

The secret to vitamin C is it’s antioxidant power. Your skin is constantly battling free radicals from environmental stressors like the sun, smoke, smog, and even household cleaning products. Free radicals are unbalanced molecules that latch onto your skin cell’s healthy molecules and cause damage. 

Free radical damage can make your skin dull, create blemishes, and even form lines and wrinkles. To combat free radicals, your skin needs antioxidants, and vitamin C is one of nature’s best sources of antioxidant protection. 

  • One to try: Rael Vitamin C Sheet Mask visibly transforms dull skin in a matter of minutes. Filled with natural fruit extracts like pomegranate, fig, and citrus fruit, our skin brightening face mask will leave your skin looking radiant and vibrant.

You can use a brightening beauty face sheet as often as needed to bring out a better, more youthful, more even skin tone. 

Helpful Tips

Before you #sheetmaskselfie, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your at-home sheet mask experience. 

  • Always apply your sheet mask to clean skin before you apply other products. Some products and serums can create a seal on your skin, which won’t allow the sheet mask ingredients to penetrate, so use your sheet mask before moisturizing or using other products. 
  • Don’t leave a sheet mask on for longer than 20 minutes. You won’t get any additional benefit, and the mask could be more difficult to remove. 
  • Follow up with your usual skincare routine. Don’t have one? We can help
  • Not all sheet masks are created equally. Many of the sheet masks you find in your big box store contain harsh ingredients that can strip your skin of its natural moisture or even irritate, inflame, or strip away your skin’s protective barrier. 


If you’re looking for all-natural, non-irritating sheet masks, Rael is your go-to source. We even offer our mask sets in convenient subscription options, so ordering healthy products to take care of your skin is one less thing you need to stress over. 

You can have amazing skin, and a great sheet mask can help. So grab yours today and you’ll be posting a #glowingskinselfie in no time! 


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