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Be Your Own Soulmate: Mastering The Art Of Self-Love, One Love Language At A Time

Be Your Own Soulmate: Mastering The Art Of Self-Love, One Love Language At A Time

When we talk about love, our favorite movies and reality TV shows more likely than not focus on romantic pursuits or otherwise strong bonds shared between people. The ‘happily ever after’ comes from overcoming adversity to secure long-lasting love. And while these relationships can be emotionally fulfilling and rewarding, Lizzo captured the most important relationship the best when she sang, “I’m my own soulmate, I know how to love me.”  
It’s one of life’s most important lessons, knowing how to love yourself. The best part is, learning how to do it is way less dramatic than any fairytale courtship, and feels just as amazing as Lizzo’s anthem! Whichever love language you’re most fluent in, there are many easy ways to be “the one” for you.  

Quality Time

Take yourself out and fully indulge in what makes you happy, whether it’s dinner at a new restaurant, checking out an art show, or hiking to an amazing vista. Take pleasure in being on your own schedule and use this time to catch up with yourself—see how you’re doing, dream about your goals, discover new interests.
Even easier, why not enjoy a night in? Cue up your favorite playlist and have a solo dance party, catch up on your ever-growing pile of books, or throw on a sheet mask and binge-watch the series you’ve been meaning to. Enjoying the simplest activities with yourself can fill you with more joy than you’d expect.  

Physical Touch

Are you a hugger? Do you love a cuddle? Is social-distancing torture for you? We get it—sharing physical intimacy literally feels comforting. So being self-sufficient in this department is a matter of surrounding yourself with cozy textures, layers that make you feel all safe and snug, made of natural materials that don’t get scratchy or overheated (shout out to organic cotton! Our pads and tampons are pillowy soft and breathable thanks to this MVP). If you’re someone who loves a massage to release tension, book a session or wear an XL heating patch for that warm hug feeling all day (they’re not just for PMS!).       
And of course, there’s always masturbation. You’re the expert on what makes you feel best in that department, so, you do you! Pro-tip: After using toys and lubricants, apply some soothing vulva care after your Me Time to keep your lady parts feeling fresh, and for ultimate convenience keep the feminine wipes by your bedside for a quick and easy cleanup.  

Words of Affirmation

If compliments and praise for your loved ones pour out of you as naturally as breathing, spend some time in front of the mirror—feel free to combine with your morning skincare routine to start the day right while you’re already looking at yourself—and rave about what you love about you. 
“You’re so wise and give such great advice.”
“I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve achieved.”
“That dinner you cooked last night was incredible, totally Masterchef quality.”
Or you can write a love letter and text messages to yourself throughout the day if you prefer the written word. You know what you’d love to hear (or read), so tell it to yourself and believe it. That last part is really important: Forget modesty and just accept that you’re amazing! 


Acts of Service

Some people call it ‘chores’ or ‘adulting’, but we’d like to look at doing acts of service for yourself as Present You making life easier for Future You. What simple things can you do for yourself now for some satisfaction later? 
Luckily, many services are out-sourceable these days so you don’t literally have to do everything yourself. Let other people handle the responsibilities that are typically time-consuming, tedious, stressful, messy, or difficult. Get groceries delivered so you can enjoy more Me Time, start a subscription box for personal care essentials so you’ll always have what you need, or schedule a deep clean for your home and treat yourself to a spa day at the same time.  


Repeat after us: You never have to wait for a special occasion to gift yourself something that brings you joy! Get those flowers to bring color and nature into your space, book that bucket list vacation you’ve been dreaming about, or spoil yourself with a new pair of boots. 
Granted, we don’t all have endless budgets to splurge on all the goodies we want, so you know best what’s within reason and won’t cause a strain in other ways. Gift sets can be the best of both worlds: everything you want, at a fraction of the cost. You work hard for everything you earn, you deserve to enjoy it!

Start Your Love Story Now

As with any relationship, one isolated grand gesture is not enough to keep the love alive. Nourish your self-love on the regular by making it a habit to spoil yourself in whatever way that makes you look up in the mirror like, “Damn, she’s the one.”
Text yourself daily with some self-praise, block off your schedule at night for some sexy Me Time. On Fridays, pick up a special bottle of wine or a new book to enjoy over the weekend. Plan a monthly solo date night doing whatever you feel like, while outsourcing your least favorite chore. And have a happily ever after with the most important person in the world: you.

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