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How To Use Pimple Stickers To Fight Breakouts

How To Use Pimple Stickers To Fight Breakouts

When you get a pimple (or worse, a cluster of them) you just want relief from the pain they cause, and for them to be less visible as fast as possible. 

You can get both by using a pimple sticker to fight your breakouts. 

We know you want the facts, and you’re probably wondering if pimple stickers are more hype than hero. At Rael, we give you the information you need to make an informed decision about what kinds of natural, holistic products are best for you. 

We’re obsessed with pimple patches for battling blemishes, and we’ve got the scoop on how you can use them, whether or not they really work, and what you can expect when you pop them on your skin instead of trying to pop your pimple. 

Why Do I Get Pimples?

You’re not a hormonal teenager anymore, so why are you still getting pimples? It can be frustrating to get breakouts in your 30’s and 40’s (and even your 50’s) but the fact is, pimples happen. 

There are a plethora of reasons why you might have gotten a breakout. New skincare products, leaving your makeup on overnight, or even stress can trigger your skin’s oil glands to go into overdrive, leaving you with clogged pores and unsightly bumps. 

Some of the most famous pimple-causing offenders?

  • Hormones. They’ve been causing problems since your adolescence and it’s highly likely they’re to blame for your breakouts, especially for women between 35-44 years old. The hormonal changes that are usually responsible for an increase in acne are rises in progesterone levels, which usually occur during days 14-28 of your monthly cycle.

    These changes cause your skin to release additional sebum, which can clog pores and cause both visible and blind (under the skin) pimples.  Most of the time, women will see more breakouts during days 18-21 of their monthly cycle.
  • Bad skincare habits. We’re all guilty of skincare mistakes from time to time, but consistently practicing bad skincare habits can lead to breakouts. These habits can include:
  • Not washing your face before you go to sleep
  • Not cleaning makeup brushes and sponges
  • Not wearing sunscreen
  • Using products that aren’t right for your skin type

    Skipping a face wash here and there isn’t going to do that much damage, but doing it on a regular basis can wreak havoc on your skin.
  • Genetics. While there’s no specific acne gene, genetics do play a role in whether or not you’ll struggle more with breakouts. If either of your parents had acne, you might have a higher chance of breakouts than someone who’s parents never had acne. 

It goes without saying there are a lot of different treatments available for acne. So many that it really isn’t necessary that anyone should have to suffer from it. If you’re dealing with deep, severe, cystic acne, you should see a dermatologist. 

If you’re dealing with occasional pimples and/or regular, cyclic breakouts, pimple patches are like little knights in shining armor. If you’ve never tried them, here’s what you need to know about how they work and when you can use them. 

What is a Pimple Sticker?

A pimple sticker, or “pimple patch”, is a small, medicated patch that adheres to your skin on top of a pimple and works to reduce and/or eliminate it. Pimple stickers are great for anyone who develops blemishes, and are best used for spot treatment-type healing of bumps. 

Pimple stickers work by delivering some kind of medication or compound directly to the pimple so that it reduces in size and/or completely disappears. Depending on the type of pimple (exposed or blind) the patch may stay on for longer periods of time. 

A pimple sticker also creates a seal around the pimple so that the ingredients in the sticker can work without environmental interference from dirt, makeup, or sun exposure. 

Pimple stickers can contain various ingredients that help them reduce and remove pimples. Some of the most popular ingredients are: 

  • Salicylic Acid. This beta hydroxy acid is used as a mild acne fighting agent, but can also cause serious skin irritation. In fact, it’s restricted from cosmetic products in some countries. It has an Environmental Working Group (EWG) rating of up to 3, making it potentially harmful to your skin. 
  • Hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid is a wound dressing. Hydrocolloid is made from gelatin or pectin and pulls pus and oil from the pimple while creating a protective barrier on the pimple to prevent scarring and promote healing. Hydrocolloid is all natural, safe, and generally well-tolerated, so you don’t need to worry that it will irritate your skin. 

Pimple stickers like the ones available from Rael are available in different sizes and strengths depending on the type of blemish you’re trying to remove.  

Pimple Stickers for Early Stage Acne

You can feel it coming. A hard, painful lump begins to form and no matter how much you squeeze (don’t do it!), nothing ever happens. Instead, you end up with a massive, red, sometimes warm bump that seems to make you miserable for days on end. 

Thankfully, Rael’s Microcrystal Spot Cover is the perfect solution for blind pimples (pimples under the skin). Active ingredients such as succinic acid, tea tree oil, and hyaluronic acid help penetrate skin deeply, to calm redness, fight bacteria, and hydrate skin, healing skin faster and more efficiently than other treatments.

You can begin using an early acne pimple sticker as soon as you feel a pimple beginning to form. Cleanse your skin, carefully dry the area around your blemish, and add the pimple sticker. Apply the pimple sticker to your blemish and press for three seconds to activate. Leave on for 4-8 hours or until the patch turns white. 

When you remove the patch, your pimple should be visibly smaller and much less painful.

Pimple Stickers for Surfaced Acne and Whiteheads

Whether you woke up to a fresh crop of bumps because your period is on the way or you’re dealing with some serious maskne, pimple stickers can help heal whiteheads and bumps that have already erupted. 

First things first: resist the urge to pick or pop. You’ll only spread bacteria and make the situation worse, and possibly cause your skin to scar. Using a pimple patch is especially beneficial if you find you simply cannot keep your hands off your face when you have a bump. 

Rael’s Invisible Spot Cover pimple patches are great for use on whiteheads. The hydrocolloid patches work to pull pus and oil from the skin and eliminate the pimple sans picking (and scarring). 

To use, clean the skin, dry the area around the spot, and apply the patch to the pimple. Leave on for four hours, or until the patch turns white. Remove the patch to reveal healthy, blemish-free skin. 

Getting Real with Rael’s Pimple Patches

If you’re thinking pimple patches sound too good to be true, we get it. We were skeptical at first, but once we tried them, we knew we had to develop an all-natural, holistic patch to help you remove pimples and love your skin. 

We know you’ve still got questions, and we’ve got answers. Here are some of the most common questions we hear about pimple patches:

Do pimple stickers really work? They really do. If you want proof, scroll the reviews. Our pimple patch users confirm: our stickers are the very best. 

Are they safe? Yes! Rael’s pimple patches contain natural, hydrating and healing ingredients. You’ll never find harsh irritants in our pimple patches, or any of our products for that matter. 

I’ve got pimples everywhere-more than I can cover with a little patch. Now what? We hear you. Sometimes pimples come in clusters, especially when you’re dealing with hormonal acne that likes to hang out in patches on your cheeks. For areas that are congested, we recommend Spot Control Cover. This patch works exactly like our single pimple patch, but covers a larger area of skin. These are perfect for the bridge of your nose, your cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Banish Blemishes for Good

Pimples happen, but hiding from the world for an entire week doesn’t have to be your solution. 

You can love your skin at any type during the month when you use pimple stickers to help heal blemishes and areas of acne on your skin. 


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