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Human Impact On the Environment: How to Make a Difference

Human Impact On the Environment: How to Make a Difference

Every Earth Day we have a chance to reflect on the current state of the environment and how we can personally make a difference. Our environment is suffering, and it can seem overwhelming. How can we as individuals possibly make a real and impactful difference?

With the emergence of carbon footprinting, we are now able to better assess our own personal environmental impact, which can help us determine better ways of living and reduce our harmful impact on the environment.

Rael is committed to making a difference in the way we approach our periods from more than just a holistic body-care standpoint, but also from an environmentally conscious view of how we affect the planet with our daily use products. 

We’ll talk about human impact on the environment, how you can make a difference, and give you tips on how small changes can have lasting results. 

3 Ways Humans Impact the Environment

Without humans, the environment is in perfect balance. The sun rises and sets, the water is clean, and forests grow freely. It goes without saying that we have to live in the environment, but learning to live in the environment without damaging it is a challenge. 

Here are three ways we’ve negatively impacted the environment:


Even though we are enforcing some of the highest emission standards, we are still polluting the environment. 

From the massive amounts of gasses and smoke released from material production to the exhaust coming out of our cars, we’re constantly releasing toxins into the environment. 

Pollution is such a big problem, it has effectively shrunk the availability of clean water. Currently, more than one billion (with a “b”) people don’t have access to clean drinking water, and that’s a major problem. 

Air is also highly polluted, and smog can have detrimental effects on not just the environment, but on our own bodies. Smog is an environmental stressor that can cause free radical damage to your skin, one of the leading causes of premature aging. 

Global Warming

Carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming, and our carbon dioxide emissions are at an all-time high. This heat-trapping greenhouse gas causes the temperature of the earth to rise and is primarily caused by human activities like deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. 

Carbon dioxide emissions have been tracked since 1950, and are higher now than they’ve ever been, registering over 400 ppm

What happens when global temperatures rise? Glaciers begin to melt, oceans begin to rise, and climate begins to change. Climate change means the extinction of certain species of animals and plants, and drastic changes in the earth’s homeostasis. 


Garbage has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is typically a landfill. Landfills have been used for decades, many before regulations were in place to govern what could and could not be buried in the earth. 

Landfills are a five-pronged problem, affecting more than just the immediate site where trash is buried.

  1. Air pollution. Landfills house materials that are in a constant state of decomposition. When organic materials decompose, they give off methane gas. Methane gas is a greenhouse gas much more potent and harmful than carbon dioxide. 

  2. Destruction of forest and wildlife. A landfill site has to be cleared, and the sites where landfills are established are often home to thousands of different species of plants and numerous different types of wildlife. When a landfill site is cleared, many of the plants and animals become collateral damage and others overpopulate surrounding areas. 

  3. Water pollution. When rain hits a landfill, the toxic chemicals and compounds in the landfill are carried with the rainwater to groundwater, polluting it and making it unusable for consumption. 

  4. Soil impact. The soil surrounding a landfill and the soil that eventually covers a landfill becomes toxic and is not fit for use. In some cases, homesites have been built on old landfills unbeknownst to the owners who later experience health issues due to the toxic state of the water and soil. 

  5. Visual impact. As you can imagine, a landfill isn’t going to drive up the property prices of surrounding areas. If a landfill is developed near your home, you’ll not only experience negative environmental impacts, you’ll also see a drop in the value of your home. 

Landfills are a major problem affecting every part of our environment. It’s important to help keep garbage out of landfills. In addition to recycling, there are other ways we can improve our daily lives and help keep as much garbage out of landfills. 

Making a Difference

It seems impossible that any change you make would have any kind of real impact on the environment, but small changes made by individuals add up to the major community and cultural changes that have massive positive impacts on the environment. 

If you’re struggling to figure out where to begin, we can help. In addition to determining your own carbon footprint and taking necessary steps to lower it, you can lower the amount of garbage you produce that ends up in landfills. 

Taking a survey of your daily use products can be eye-opening. Many of our single-use products, for instance, can be swapped out for reusable items that help keep trash out of landfills, with the fun side effect of saving you money, too. Here’s how. 

Reusable Period Care

Period care items are single-use products, and although it may not seem like swapping out your disposables for reusables can make a difference, it can! About 20 billion feminine care products are disposed of in landfills each year. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals or plastics that don’t degrade safely. 

Reusable period care not only lowers your carbon footprint and helps keep waste out of landfills, but it’s also a great way to take your personal period care to the next level. Reusable period care products from Rael are holistic, natural, and gentle on your body. 

Ready to make the switch? Here are two great products to help you get started.

  • Rael Reusable Menstrual Cup. You’ve definitely heard of the cup, but if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? The menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup you insert like a tampon. The cup creates a seal to prevent leaks and can be worn for up to twelve hours. 

    When it’s time to remove, simply wash and dry it so it's ready to be used again. With proper care, our menstrual cup can be used monthly for up to ten years. That’s a lot of disposable period care items you’ll save from landfills. 
  • Rael Organic Cotton Reusable Pads. Want reusable coverage but prefer the ease of a pad? Our organic cotton reusable pads are the solution. Each pad can be used for up to 120 times before replacement. Our pads are available in sizes ranging from petite to overnight, so no matter what kind of coverage you need, you’ll have it on hand. 

Reusable period care isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for you! Having reusable period care means you’re never without the protection you need, even if your period surprises you in the middle of the night. 

Switching to reusable period care is a big deal, and doing it gradually can help make the transition easier. While you’re transitioning to reusables, you can still help the environment by choosing disposable period care products that are sustainable and safe.

  • Rael Organic Cotton Disposable Pads. While some pads contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that don’t biodegrade and are harmful not just for the environment but also for your body, ours don’t. 

    Our disposable pads are crafted from 100% organic, chlorine-free pulp, and contain no chemicals that could disrupt your delicate hormone balance or interfere with the environment. 
  • Rael Organic Cotton Tampons. Not only are our tampons organic cotton made without chemicals or dyes that could harm you and the environment, but they’re also housed in BPA-free, plant-based applicators, making them even more environmentally friendly.

Our product packaging is also recyclable, including our plastic containers. We think it’s important to take care of the environment and our bodies at the same time. 

Get Rael

There’s no way around the fact that humans harm the environment, but thankfully, we have the chance to improve. When we know better, we can do better, and Rael is committed to helping you know and do better for your body and the environment.

With a few small changes, like swapping out unsafe disposable period care products for organic, sustainable sourced ones, we can make a difference in how we impact the environment. Reusable period care products like menstrual cups and reusable pads are another option to help keep waste out of landfills and improve our carbon footprints. 

Don’t think you can’t help make a difference. Your small changes are powerful and help improve the world and your own period care. 


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