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Organic Cotton Tampons (4409425428595)
Organic Cotton Tampons (4409425428595)
Product image 1Organic Cotton Tampons (4409425428595)
Product image 2Organic Cotton Tampons (4409425428595)

Organic Cotton Tampons
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with Plant-Based Compact Applicators 18 count

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What we put into our bodies should be natural as what comes out, and work as hard as we do. Crafted from certified organic cotton and housed in a compact plant-based applicator, our tampons protect you from leaks on-the-go, safely and effectively.

Made With

responsibly sourced organic cotton from Texas for your peace of mind.

Made Without

harsh chemicals that irritate and inflame your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens.



Designed for all the phases of your cycle.

Go with your flow
Go with your flow

These individually wrapped tampons are compact for convenient transport to stop leaks on-the-go.

Extend plunger, insert tip, then push plunger until tampon sits comfortably.

The Result:

You can do whatever you want. Your period won't get in your way and neither will these tampons.

Organic, comfortable, and incredibly effective feminine care Made with potent, naturally-derived ingredients and without the use of toxic or irritating chemicals. Period.
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