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Period Underwear: How They Work and Are They Effective?

Period Underwear: How They Work and Are They Effective?

They’re popping up on your social media feed, and a few of your friends are raving about them. Period panties are the latest buzzworthy feminine care item designed to make your period more comfortable. 

We understand you might have some hesitation over wearing a pair of undies that are designed to hold your flow. It’s new, different, and not what you’re used to. But if you’re willing to keep an open mind, we think you’re going to fall in love! 

Drop everything you think you know about how period care works, and let our team of experts at Rael share some of our top holistic period care secrets with you. What’s the secret? Period panties. 

If you’re curious, stick around to find how period panties work and whether you can trust them to keep you fresh and comfortable all period long. (Spoiler alert: you totally can.)

What is Period Underwear?

Period underwear, also called period panties, are panties that you wear during your period to catch your flow or to use as back up on heavy flow days. These undies are made just like your everyday intimates, but they’re built to absorb as much as three tampons. Period underwear are:

  • Reusable. When you’re done, you wash them, and they’re ready to be worn again. 
  • Gentle. Period underwear are comfortable and made from non-irritating, 100% cotton material. 
  • Effective. Leak-proof technology and perfect, curve-hugging fit make period panties effective and trustworthy, even on heavier days. 

You can think of period underwear like wearing a pad but without the sometimes-uncomfortable bulk or risk of slipping around. 

Who Can Wear Period Underwear?

Anyone can wear period underwear. In fact, you’ll find they’re so comfortable you may want to wear them even when you aren’t on your period. Period underwear work well for:

  • First-timers. Period underwear are a great solution for younger users just starting their period journeys. Period undies are comfortable, lightweight, and less invasive than tampons or menstrual cups. 
  • Seasoned pros. Even if you’ve been wearing the same brand of tampons for decades, period underwear can be a great solution for you. 

    Period underwear are great alone or used as backup on especially heavy days or even overnight.

    You’ll find they’re more absorbent than a standard pantyliner or regular pad. They also provide the ultimate in period care comfort, especially the last few days of your period when your flow is too light to use a tampon comfortably.
  • People not on their period. Period underwear are super comfortable, even if you aren’t on your period. For the days before your period or during ovulation when you may experience an increase in vaginal discharge, period panties are a great, reusable alternative to pantyliners and pads. 
  • New mamas. After giving birth, you’re going to need absorbent pads or undies for a few weeks. Period underwear are a great alternative to the hospital issue mesh beauties. 

Period underwear are so much like the underwear you wear daily, you’ll find yourself grabbing them even when you don’t need them for actual absorbency. 

How Does Period Underwear Work?

Period underwear fit and feel just like your favorite seamless intimates, but with a four-layer absorbent middle that locks in moisture and keeps you comfortable and dry. Rael’s period underwear are made from 100% cotton, which is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. 

Here’s what four layers of protection look like:

  1. Soft, breathable layer. The layer of protection that touches the most delicate skin on your body is made from ultra-soft cotton and feels just like the underwear you wear daily. 

  2. Absorbent cotton layer. Beneath the layer that touches your skin is a 100% cotton absorbency layer. 

    The absorbent cotton in Rael’s period underwear quickly wicks away moisture from the top layer of the underwear, keeping the layer against your skin dry and comfortable. 

  3. Moisture and odor lock layer. Absorbent cotton draws moisture into the deepest layer of our period underwear, locking it in a protective layer that doesn’t allow for odors or leaks.

  4. Smooth, seamless outer layer. The outer layer of Rael’s period underwear feels and looks like your favorite pair of high-end seamless panties. This outer layer is waterproof, so leaks don’t stand a chance.

Four layers of leak and odor-proof technology are all wrapped up in an incredibly comfortable pair of underwear so thin and discreet you’ll think they have superpowers, and they do!

Are Period Underwear Effective?

Period underwear are so effective, they’re literally changing the way we experience our periods. The ultimate in comfort and protection, it’s possible you’ll forget you’re on your period when you wear them. 

Concerned they won’t work for you? Here’s how we recommend wearing period underwear to have an easier, healthier period. 

For Heavy Days

Everyone has heavier days during their period, and period panties are perfect for them! If you’d rather not remember to use the bathroom every hour or so, period underwear can keep you protected longer (they have the absorbancy of three tampons).

Period underwear can help you feel secure when your flow is heaviest. They add an additional layer of protection that provides security on days when you need it most. 

Period underwear also protects you from ruining other intimates with unexpected leaks. Your favorite pair of lacy white bikinis will thank you.

For Regular Days

You’ll love period underwear for your regular flow days. Period underwear can hold the same amount of flow as three tampons, which means fewer trips to the restroom and less hassle. Less time in the restroom means more time living your life and being in the game.

Depending on your level of flow, a single pair of period undies could last your entire workout, workday, hike, or road trip. Wearing reusable period underwear is the ultimate in holistic period care convenience. 

For Light Days

The last few days of your period can become uncomfortable. Flow can be too light for tampons but too heavy for a liner. Period underwear to the rescue! 

Your period undies are the perfect way to stay comfortable the last few days of your period. They’re convenient solutions for days when you want protection but don’t want to use a liner or pad. 


When are you most likely to leak through your period protection? Overnight. 

No matter what you wear while you sleep, you can find yourself waking in the wee hours of the morning to change a tampon, pad, set of pajamas, or even a bedsheet. There’s a better way. 

Period underwear help you get your beauty rest by protecting you against leaks.

Period Underwear How To’s

They’re functional, effective, and completely fabulous, but we know you’ve still got questions. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details of period underwear and answer some of the most popular questions we hear. 

What Do I Do When I’m Done With Them?

Because period underwear operate like an absorbent pad, you may need to change them during the day, depending on your flow. When it’s time to change, it’s really easy to keep things sanitary

Rael’s period underwear come with a reusable, waterproof pouch. When you need to change, the pouch keeps your used underwear safely stowed away until you get home.

How Do You Wash Period Underwear?

Washing your reusable period underwear is easy. You can wash and dry them in three simple steps. 

  1. Pre-rinse. Once you’re home, remove your period panties from the reusable, waterproof pouch and pre-rinse them in cool water. 

  2. Wash. Machine wash your period underwear on a normal wash cycle in cold water (this helps prevent staining). 

    Pro tip: Don’t use bleach or fabric softener when you wash your period underwear. Bleach can break down the absorbency of your underwear, and fabric softener can bind to the fabric, causing it to be less absorbent. 

  3. Dry. As with many delicates, you’ll want to lay your period underwear flat to dry or hang them. This allows them to last longer and ensures you don’t expose them to fabric softener. 

Will They Make Me Sweat?

Rael’s period underwear is made with pure cotton. Our material is super breathable, lightweight, and never constricting. Period underwear won’t make you sweat and won’t release odors. They’ll last just like your regular, everyday underwear, but better.

How Many Pairs Do I Need?

Each pair of Rael’s period panties can hold the same amount of flow as three tampons. Your flow and your level of comfort will determine how many pairs you need. It will also depend on how often you plan to wear them. 

If you plan to wear period underwear every day of your period, you’ll want to invest in more pairs so that you don’t have to wash them daily -- we offer $5 off the purchase of 2 pairs, and $10 off the purchase of 3.

Just so you know, your period underwear can be reused and worn for up to two years. That’s pretty impressive, even for a pair of regular intimates!

Get Rael

Reusable period underwear are a great addition to your monthly period care stash. They keep you dry, comfortable, and protected no matter where you’re at in your cycle. When you’re ready to level up your protection and comfort, period underwear are the game-changer you’re looking for.


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