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What Is a Pimple Patch and How It Works

What Is a Pimple Patch and How It Works

Dealing with blemishes is a lifelong battle for some of us. Hormonal acne can be especially irritating -- pimples seem to come out of nowhere at any given time during the month, but especially at certain points during your cycle. 

When it comes to acne treatments, we’re all looking for help! The acne treatment industry is a 4.1 billion (with a “b”) dollar industry, and there are a lot of “miracle cures” to fill that need. But,  where does that leave you as a consumer? 

If you’re thinking, “lost,” we feel you. 

It can be hard to decide which treatments are effective and which aren’t worth your time. You don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t work, but in the end, you’d try just about anything to get rid of unwanted blemishes and prevent breakouts. 

Some acne treatments can be really harsh, leaving your skin stripped of moisture and making it feel dry and irritated. If you already deal with sensitive skin, using a harsh acne treatment can make matters worse.

At Rael, we’re committed to bringing you the best in holistic self-care items that actually work and help you feel your best. That’s why we’re seriously ecstatic over pimple patches. They may sound like hype, but they’re definitely heroes. 

Ready for the tea on what these little miracle workers are and how they work? Read on. 

What Are Pimple Patches?

Pimple patches are tiny stickers that cover your bumps and blemishes and help to eliminate them. They’re clear, barely noticeable, and contain ingredients that work to dissolve and eliminate pimples (sometimes before they even surface). 

You may have seen someone wearing a pimple patch. They’re definitely available in more noticeable designs and colors, but the ones offered by Rael are clear and inconspicuous, so you can treat pimples and blemishes without anyone being the wiser. 

Who Can Use Pimple Patches?

Anyone with blemishes can use pimples patches. 

You can use a pimple patch anytime during the month, and for any type of bump. In fact, there are specialized pimple patches you can use depending on the type of bump you have. Pimple patches clarify your skin with natural, effective acne treatment in just a few hours. 

How Do Pimple Patches Work? least that’s what it seems like. Pimple patches are a type of hydrocolloid covering. Hydrocolloid coverings are used in the medical profession to help certain types of wounds heal.

Hydrocolloid dressings contain a gel-like substance that is able to absorb moisture, which makes them the perfect solution for acne bumps; they can easily lift out the fluid inside of a bump, making it vanish in no time. Hydrocolloid alone contains:

  • Cellulose gum. This is a plant-based ingredient. It is extracted from the cell walls of certain plants and is used to make things stick. It is a safe ingredient with an EWG rating of 1, the safest the Environmental Working Group offers.

Hydrocolloids are self-adhesive and contain different ingredients depending on what they’re used to heal. For acne, there are several different ingredients that work well naturally. Here’s what we use in our pimple patches and how they work.

Traditional Pimple Patches

Rael offers two different types of hydrocolloid patches. Some for small bumps and blemishes, and some for entire patches of irritation. Here’s what’s included. 


For surfaced whiteheads and red bumps, a traditional hydrocolloid pimple patch works best. Our hydrocolloid patch contains the traditional ingredients of cellulose gum and absorbent ingredients to help pull moisture from a surfaced bump. 

How to use: To use a traditional hydrocolloid pimple patch, cleanse your skin and pat it dry. Next, place the pimple patch directly over your blemish. Hydrocolloid immediately begins lifting pus and oil from the pimple. 

You can leave a pimple patch on overnight, but it has the ability to heal your blemishes in only four hours. 

Pimple patches also keep your bump protected from external stressors (like your own fingers) while it heals. 

When you remove the patch, you’ll notice a small, white circle on the back. That’s what the patch just removed from your pimple, which means it is working. 

Rael’s pimple patches are available in two sizes, to cover bumps large and small. The edges lay smoothly against the skin and blend with any skin tone so no one knows you’re treating a pimple but you. 

Microcrystal Patches

Sometimes, you need heavy-duty treatment for really persistent, deep down bumps. Microcrystal patches are the solution. These patches are good for alleviating discomfort from under-the-skin bumps and helping to break them down and dissolve them. 

Under-the-skin or “unpoppable” bumps are those hard, cyst-like bumps you get that never seem to surface. They may be red, swollen, and they’re usually very painful. What normally happens? You attempt to pop them and make the situation worse. You may even end up with a scar if you try too hard to squeeze these types of bumps. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside our microcrystal patches.

Tea Tree Oil

You probably already know tea tree oil is great for your skin. It has astringent-like properties that help it tighten pores and antibacterial properties that keep your skin healthy. Tea tree oil is also a great ingredient for helping get rid of under-the-skin acne bumps by digging deep into pores and helping clear out excess oil.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the human body, and its main function is to help your tissues stay lubricated and moisturized. Hyaluronic acid is great for acne treatment because it helps keep the skin being treated from becoming overly dry.

Many acne treatments can leave your skin irritated and dry, and not even help remove the blemish. Hyaluronic acid in a pimple patch prevents that from happening. 

Willow Bark Extract

Willow bark extract has a calming effect that helps soothe irritated skin. When used in a pimple patch, it helps reduce the redness and swelling and makes your bumps look substantially less noticeable. 

Willow bark extract is a great ingredient for helping large, under-the-skin bumps look less noticeable, effectively helping to shrink them and alleviate discomfort. 


Totarol is a plant-based preservative known for helping prevent the growth and development of bacteria. We use totarol in our microcrystal pimple patches to help dive deep into the pores and eliminate blemish-causing bacteria. 

How to use: Cleanse face and pat dry with a towel. Apply a microcrystal patch to your bump. Leave on for 4-8 hours, or until the patch becomes white. Gently lift off to reveal clarity. 

Other Ways To Get Flawless Skin

Using pimple patches will definitely improve your skin’s overall clarity and help you eliminate bumps and breakouts, but to get the most visibly radiant and healthy skin any time of the month, you’ve got even more options. 

Sheet Masks

They’re not just for selfies. Sheet masks are thin, single-use masks you use to treat yourself and your skin to a mini spa experience. Thoroughly saturated with skin-nourishing ingredients, these masks are great for hydrating dry skin, helping improve skin’s brightness, and erasing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Apply a sheet mask anytime your skin (or mood) needs a little boost. Leave on for no more than twenty minutes. Remove the mask to reveal improved hydration and radiance. 

Skin Care

Everyone needs a great skin care routine, but Rael offers holistic skin care that’s effective and natural. Our products are also vegan and plant-based. 

You can get great skin by using these products as part of your daily skin care routine. 

  • Refresh Button Cleansing Water: This natural, cica extract cleanser helps remove all traces of makeup while providing hydration and decreasing irritation. Contains hyaluronic acid to help your skin stay moisturized.
  • Daily Detox Cleanser: Deeply cleaning, this product helps dive deep into pores to remove impurities and bacteria while protecting it from free radical damage. 
  • Daily Zen Toner: Our toner helps restore your skin to its healthiest pH levels and brings your skin back into homeostasis. Skin feels refreshed, perfectly moisturized, and balanced.
  • Glow Chemistry Serum: Our serum is packed with the hardest working antioxidant available. Fullerene is 172X stronger than vitamin C and helps protect your skin from free radical damage that causes premature aging. Leaves skin feeling smooth, supple, and looking radiant. 
  • Daily Restoration Cream: Lightweight and easily absorbed, our moisturizing cream has been shown to improve your skin’s moisture level by 111%. Packed with hyaluronic acid, fullerene, and sunflower seed oil, this plant-based moisturizer is the perfect way to get the deep hydration you need. 

Our skin care works synergistically with our pimple patches to deliver skin that is always healthy, radiant, and comfortable any time of the month. 

Get Rael

Pimple patches are our favorite solution for getting rid of bumps before they have the chance of ruining the party — try every type with our pimple patches for cystic acne trio. You can keep the great skin party going by using other all-natural Rael skin products. Have better skin no matter where you’re at in your cycle.


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