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Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)
Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)
Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)
Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)
Product image 1Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)
Product image 2Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)
Product image 3Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)
Product image 4Reusable Cup Case (4614364397683)

Reusable Cup Case
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For Menstrual Cups

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Extending the lifespan of a reusable menstrual cup from 6 months to basically forever with proper care made a pretty strong case for us to make this case. In between uses, store your clean cup in our protective case to prevent dust and bacteria buildup so your cup can continue to provide reliable leak coverage for the next 10 years.

Made With

easy-to-clean medical grade silicone and BPA-free polypropylene plastic that will safely keep dirt away from your cup.

Made Without

BPA, latex, and phthalates that can irritate skin or harm your reproductive system.

Protect your leak protection. Keep your cup in this discreet, breathable case and extend its lifespan up to 10 years.

Your cup's secret to immortality
Your cup's secret to immortality

Prolong your period care's lifespan

Store your clean & dry reusable menstrual cup in this breathable case in between uses to give it up to 10 years of life.

The Result

Your cup has its very own super safe quarantine bubble

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