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Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
Product image 1Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
Product image 2Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
Product image 3Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
Product image 4Soothing Wash & Gel Duo

Soothing Wash & Gel Duo
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Cleanse + Hydrate

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A healthier, happier vulva awaits with just 2 simple steps: our soothing feminine wash gently cleanses while the vulva gel deeply hydrates. We use a formulation of K-beauty inspired botanical ingredients, free of harsh chemicals and fragrance, to calm itchiness and irritation while balancing pH levels for long-lasting comfort that is safe for all skin types.

What's Included

Gel to Foam Feminine Wash, Vulva Relief Gel

Made Without

Harsh chemicals and fragrance that can irritate & inflame your intimate areas.


Soothed & Smooth Bringing K-Beauty innovation to your intimate areas for healthy skin & all-day comfort.
Lavish Your Labia

A pH Balanced V = A Comfy You

Directions: Apply Gel to Foam Cleanser to wet skin and lather. Rinse thoroughly. Follow up with a thin layer of the Vulva Relief Gel around your vulva region with clean hands. 

The Result:

The rejuvenated, replenished feeling after finishing your skincare routine—for your vulva.

Give your vulva the spa treatment Your intimate area deserves a gentle skincare regimen too. Our clean formulations powerfully combat chafing, itch, thinning skin, and inflammation while balancing pH levels to defend against infection for a healthy & happy vulva. Learn More About Vulva Care
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