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Soak It Up Cotton Pads
Soak It Up (4468317225075)
Soak It Up (4468317225075)
Soak It Up (4468317225075)
Product image 1Soak It Up Cotton Pads
Product image 2Soak It Up (4468317225075)
Product image 3Soak It Up (4468317225075)
Product image 4Soak It Up (4468317225075)

Soak It Up Cotton Pads
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Facial Sponge Cotton Pads 200 count

Regular price $9.99

Skin care belongs on your skin (duh), NOT stuck on your cotton pads. Designed with Airlaid Technology, our silky soft Soak It Up Facial Sponge sheets are twice as effective as conventional pads and fully release liquid onto your face so your bottles of toner and makeup remover last twice as long. 200 pads included.

Made With

tear-resistant natural pulp and cosmetic-use rayon that glides across your skin like silk without leaving any traces of lint or fibers.



Good Skin Care = Better Self Care  

Break the Cycle

Designed with Airlaid technology for silky soft absorbency.   

Perfect for removing makeup and applying skincare products.    

The Result:

That feeling when you schmear toast with soft pat of melty butter instead of scraping it with a stick from the fridge—for your face.

Advanced vegan skincare system formulated to balance and calm your skin's fluctuating needs throughout your cycle. Made with potent, clean ingredients and without the use of harsh chemicals. Period. Learn More About Rael Beauty Science
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