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How Hydrocolloid Patches Heal Acne: Do They Work?

How Hydrocolloid Patches Heal Acne: Do They Work?

Acne can be super frustrating, but using hydrocolloid patches can heal your acne and leave you levitating. 

Pimples are a fact of life-literally everyone is bound to get one pimple at some point in their life. The next time you wake up with a breakout, take action fast by using the only method of zapping your zits in a matter of hours. If you're skeptical, read on. 

How Acne Forms

It can happen overnight. You go to sleep with clear skin and wake up with a rash of pimples on your forehead, or a large bump on your chin. You’ve got a choice: either let it ruin your day or reach for something that works. We recommend the latter. 

Acne forms for numerous reasons, but some of them might surprise you. Sometimes, acne happens not as a result of what you’re doing to try to combat it. 

Harsh Skin Care Products

If you reach for the nearest zit zapping cream the second you feel an oncoming bump, you could be doing more harm than good. Most of the products geared toward clearing acne can dry out your skin, cause irritation, and even lead to more bumps. 

Acne-prone skin is often dehydrated skin. The less moisture you have in your skin, the more likely it is that your sebaceous glands will produce more oil to compensate. If you continue to use the same products that dry your skin, your skin will keep making more and more oil. 

This oil can clog your pores and create more bumps. Instead, natural skin care products that are gentle, are a better choice for keeping skin calm and balancing moisture levels. 

Ignoring Skin Care

Raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten to remove your makeup at the end of the day. We’re guilty too, but making consistent bad skin care choices can cause you to have breakouts. Not taking off your makeup, using basic soap and water to cleanse your skin, and skipping moisturizer can all lead to skin imbalances in your skin that can cause acne. 

Even if you’re using a skin care routine, the products you are using could be harming your skin. 

If you use products that are full of chemicals, they can irritate your skin and cause you to develop breakouts. 


Hormones can get a bad rap. We blame them for our moods, cravings, and of course, our pimples. Without hormones, however, virtually every process in our body would come to a screeching halt. We need them, and we have to learn to get along with them. 

Hormones can affect how much acne you have, but if you’re familiar with where you are in your monthly cycle, you can take measures to combat the excess oil that some hormones (like testosterone) produce. 

If you notice you tend to break out just before your period, for instance, you can fight the oncoming breakout by using a hydrating sheet mask with tea tree oil to combat germs and soothe your skin. 


Stress is often associated with acne — it’s not actually the stress that’s causing your breakouts. When you’re stressed, your body produces hormones that can trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This excess oil can cause a breakout. 

You may also eat and sleep differently when you’re stressed. Your eating habits and sleep habits play a role in the development of acne also, but don’t worry-the rumor that chocolate will give you zits is just that; a rumor. 


Sometimes, acne is just a part of our chemical makeup. If one or both of your parents had acne, or if you have a sibling that has it, you’ll be more likely to see some bumps and blemishes. 

Thankfully, your genetics don’t have to be an acne life sentence. You have options to treat acne that are holistic, natural, and effective. 

What Are Hydrocolloid Patches?

Hydrocolloid patches are also called pimple patches or zit stickers. They are small, barely noticeable patches you place over a bump (or an area with a breakout of bumps) to help dissolve them and completely remove them. It’s kind of like hitting the delete button on your blemishes. 

Hydrocolloid technology isn’t new. It’s been used in healthcare settings for decades. It refers to a type of dressing that keeps a wound from drying out so that it can properly heal. Inside each hydrocolloid patch are natural ingredients that help keep the wound stabilized, draw out infection, and protect it until it heals. 

The same technology works great for pimples, but on a smaller scale. When you place a hydrocolloid pimple patch over an acne bump, the ingredients will begin to gently pull puss and oil from the bump, shrinking it down and eliminating it. 

When you remove the patch, you can literally see the evidence (which is totally satisfying). 

At Rael, we offer several different types of acne patches to deal with the different kinds of blemishes you can experience throughout your cycle. 

  • Under the skin bumps. Early acne can be painful and irritating. Bumps that form under the skin and never seem to come to a head can cause you to poke and prod and make matters worse. These types of bumps are usually red, swollen, and may even feel warm to the touch. You need ingredients that can dive deep into your skin to break up the oil and remove it. Rael’s Microcrystal Spot Cover contains powerful microcrystals that get deep into your skin. Tea tree oil and totarol combat bacteria while hydrocolloid gently removes the oil and dirt clogging your pores. 
  • For whiteheads. Resist the urge to squeeze when you see a whitehead and grab Rael’s Invisible Spot Cover instead. Our classic hydrocolloid pimple patches go to work to remove your blemishes in just four short hours. Perfect for late-stage acne and whiteheads, our pimple patches give you the ability to wave a magic wand over your skin. 
  • For acne hot spots. Sometimes you wake up to an entire little army of acne bumps. Get ready to go to war with Rael’s Spot Control Cover. The same gentle, yet effective hydrocolloid technology you get with our Invisible Spot Cover, but in a wider patch that can cover more than one bump. 
    These patches are great for your face but also incredibly effective on your chest and back. 

With Rael’s hydrocolloid patches, you can be ready for anything you face in the mirror. Using hydrocolloid can help you deal with blemishes and keep you from making some common acne mistakes. 

Acne: What Not To Do

Everyone makes skin mistakes, but if you’re consistently struggling with acne, here are three things you should avoid. 

1. Popping and Picking

You’ve heard it said a thousand times but we’ll say it again; picking and popping your pimples doesn’t work. It makes your already noticeable pimple even more noticeable, and it can spread bacteria to other parts of your skin. 

What’s worse, picking your skin can lead to some serious scarring. If you’ve already got dark spots from pimples, try using Rael’s Dark Spot Cover to help diminish the appearance of dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. 

2. Using Harsh Skin Care

Products that dry your skin don’t work. Break up with your traditional skin care and opt for hydrating, natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Rael’s skin care focuses on using K-Beauty technology that is known worldwide for being effective and giving you a remarkable glow and even complexion. 

Getting your skin in great shape is easy when you use products that work synergistically with your skin to heal it and not harm it. 

3. Avoiding The Problem

Sometimes, a really bad breakout can make you want to hide inside all day. However, not taking any action won’t help your problem, and won’t make your blemishes magically disappear. In fact, it will probably lead you to some really unhealthy behaviors, like avoiding social situations.

The best way to deal with your breakouts is to be proactive and patient. Good news, with hydrocolloid patches, you don’t even have to be particularly patient to see results. Our original pimple covers work in just four hours. Wear them overnight for results that are even more dramatic. 

Get Rael

Don’t let acne stop you in your tracks, get a handle on the situation with hydrocolloid patches from Rael. Hydrocolloid patches are a natural, holistic way to take care of bumps and blemishes without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures. 

No matter what kind of acne bump you have (early stage, late stage, or an entire area of pimples) Rael has a solution that works quickly and without causing harm to your skin. 

You can love the skin you’re in and deal with acne the easy way, with Rael. 


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