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How Acne Patches Can Help Clear Your Skin

How Acne Patches Can Help Clear Your Skin

We all know the cycle. You wake up with an unexpected breakout. Scrambling, you use foundation, concealer, and any other products you can think of to cover up the rash of bumps on your face. The makeup sits on your bumps and makes them worse, which usually results in you picking, poking, and prodding until you’ve made the breakout even more noticeable. 

Most people have had their fair share of breakouts. When your skin catches acts up, you can fight back calmly and effectively, without caking on concealer.

Acne patches are the newest way to rescue your skin during breakouts without the use of harsh chemicals or crazy treatments that overpromise and under-deliver. Want to know more? Let’s discuss the benefits of acne patches.

A Patch for Pimples?

Using patches to deliver healing ingredients isn’t new. You’ve probably got a few friends trying patches to help them break bad habits (we’re looking at you smokers) or to deliver oils, vitamins, and minerals (called “wellness patches”). 

Acne patches use similar technology. Acne patches are created with hydrocolloid technology, which is a fancy word for “wound dressing.” Hydrocolloid patches have been used for centuries to help wounds heal properly. 

Hydrocolloid patches work by keeping an area clean and protected while drawing out moisture (read: pus, oil, and impurities).

There are two different kinds of acne patches:

Patches for Surfaced Bumps

When you wake up with red bumps or whiteheads, your instinct is to pick and pop. We feel you, but you know as well as we do that will only make the situation more of a situation. 

Resist the urge to poke and prod and cover the bump with a hydrocolloid pimple patch. These patches cover your bumps and protect them from external stressors (like your fingers) and gently pull dirt, oil, and pus from your bump, flattening them into invisibility in a matter of hours. 

Patches for Under-the-Skin Bumps

Early-stage acne can feel like you’re waiting on a ticking time bomb. You feel the large, painful cyst-like bump under your skin and wonder if and when it will surface. These types of bumps need special care. 

Acne patches for under-the-skin bumps contain special ingredients to penetrate deeply into your pores and help break up pus, oil, and dirt so that it can be removed from the bump. 

Pimples patches are a great way to deal with acne. Here’s how to use them in your everyday routine. 

How to Apply Acne Patches

Is it really as simple as peel and stick? Pretty much. Acne patches make dealing with breakouts a seriously stress-free experience. It’s important to make sure your acne patches contain the right ingredients. Some patches contain harsh blemish-fighting ingredients that can dry out your skin and leave it peeling, chapped, and flaky. 

Rael offers three different types of acne patches that are filled with all-natural, effective ingredients that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin types. 

Microcrystal Spot Covers

Those under-the-skin bumps are the real deal. They’re painful, red, swollen, and sometimes feel hot to the touch. You’ve probably already tried squeezing, picking, and poking to no avail. You need a heavy-hitting solution that gets the job done fast. Rael’s microcrystal spot covers are your new go-to.

Microcrystal spot covers are like pimple patches on steroids. They do not only have hydrocolloid technology, but they also contain pore-penetrating ingredients like:

  • White Willow Bark Extract. An all-natural source of salicylic acid, this ingredient is a mild exfoliant that helps remove layers of dead skin cells, helping keep your skin clean and making it easier for acne patch ingredients to penetrate deeply.
  • Totarol: A plant-based ingredient that decreases bacteria. Totarol dives deep into pores to help fight bacteria, keeping skin clarified and shrinking blemishes before they ever have the chance to surface.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: An acid that is naturally found in your body and helps keep your skin moisturized. We include it in our acne patches to ensure that these powerful pimple patches never dry or irritate your skin. When you remove the patch, your skin is ultra-hydrated and clear. 
  • Tea Tree Oil. One of nature’s best blemish fighting compounds, tea tree oil can decrease bacteria and has been shown to significantly improve breakouts. Its astringent-like quality helps keep skin clean, clarified, and helps shrink pores.

How to Use: When you wake up with an under-the-skin bump, cleanse your skin as normal and resist the urge to touch the bump. Gently apply the microcrystal patch to your bump and continue your day, business as usual. Remove the patch 4-8 hours later and the bump is no longer a concern.

Invisible Spot Cover

Invisible Spot Covers from Rael make you a pimple fighting MVP. Bumps no longer have the power to ruin your day and you don’t have to waste time trying to “fix” them with your fingers. 

Our invisible spot covers use hydrocolloid technology to cover your bumps, protecting them while they gently remove pus, oil, and dirt from your pimple. Our patches are clear and barely visible on any skin tone, so you’re the only one who knows you’re correcting a blemish while you’re at work or the gym. 

How to use: Cleanse your skin as usual and then gently apply pimple spot cover to your blemish. Leave on for 4-8 hours. Remove to reveal clearer, smoother skin. It’s like hitting the delete button on your bump. 

Spot Control Covers

An entire area of pimples calls for more coverage. Send in reinforcement with Rael’s Spot Control Covers. These covers are larger and designed to cover entire areas where breakouts tend to happen. 

Specially shaped to curve with your face, these patches are perfect for acne clusters on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. These clear, hydrocolloid patches remove pus and oil from all your blemishes without anyone else knowing you’re dealing with a breakout. 

Tired of experiencing breakouts from your face mask? Try wearing a strip on your breakout-prone areas under your mask and watch the mascne disappear. 

How to use: Cleanse skin and apply the patch over your entire breakout. The edge of Rael’s spot cover treatments curve to blend seamlessly with your skin; you’re the only one who will know you’re fighting a breakout.

Better Skin with Better Products

Acne patches are great tools in your clear skin arsenal, but having the right products for daily skincare is essential in keeping your skin healthy, glowing, and completely clarified. 

So many products available today contain harsh ingredients that aren’t gentle on your skin. They can leave skin feeling dry, cause irritation, and make your skin feel worse. 

Rael believes skincare is self-care, so we formulate our products with natural ingredients that work synergistically with your skin to help keep it looking healthy and hydrated. 

If you feel like your skin is a little unbalanced, let Rael’s all-natural skincare help you bring back skin homeostasis. Our Daily Care Kit includes everything you need to start a healthy skincare routine and take better care of your skin. 

  • Daily Detox Cleanser: Hydrate your skin as you cleanse it of impurities, makeup, and oil. Formulated with moisturizing olive oil and protective chinaberry extract, our cleanser won’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture. 
  • Daily Zen Balancing Toner: B5 and hyaluronic acid help make this toner super moisturizing, yet gentle enough for any skin type. 
  • Daily Restoration Nourishing Gel Cream: Every skin type needs moisture, and our gel cream is perfect for every skin type. Blended with plant botanicals, Vitamin B5, and hyaluronic acid, our gel cream is perfect for daily use absorbs quickly so your skin never feels oily or uncomfortable. 

Rael’s beauty products are all made with K-Beauty innovation, so products are safe and gentle enough for daily use but powerful enough to benefit your skin in a big way. 

Get Rael

You already trust Rael to take care of your period care needs in the most natural and holistic way possible. Now you can trust us to help you handle breakouts without the use of toxic ingredients that could irritate your skin or disrupt your hormones. 

Acne patches can help you get cleaner, more clarified skin in just a few hours. Using our acne patches help get rid of blemishes before anyone has the chance to know they’re there. Kind of like swiping left on your pimples. 


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