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Acne Stickers: How The Work and Are They Effective?

Acne Stickers: How The Work and Are They Effective?

Your favorite influencers are using them, your best friend swears by them, and you’re definitely acne-sticker curious. Isn’t it time you took the pimple patch plunge? 

What Are Acne Stickers?

Pimple patches (or acne stickers) are small, barely noticeable “covers” that you place over acne bumps to help heal and eliminate them - often in a matter of hours. 

It seems a little too good to be true; place a patch over a pimple and take it off a few hours later to reveal clearer skin? We’ll take two, please!

If you’ve thought of giving acne stickers a try, you’ve definitely come to the right place. The team at Rael is obsessed with them and so are our customers!

We’ll explain how pimples happen, how acne stickers work, and how you can use them to stop blemishes from ruining your day. 

How Do Pimples Happen?

Pimples happen because our pores become filled with oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. When your sebaceous glands begin to produce too much oil, dirt and dead skin cells stick to the oil, causing clogs in your pores that cause blackheads and whiteheads. 

Maybe you skated through adolescence without a single bump and are wondering why you’re breaking out as an adult. Just like in your teens, hormones can be the culprit, but there's also a myriad of other reasons why you might be dealing with acne

  • Bad hygiene. We’re all guilty of going to bed without washing our face from time to time, but if you’re consistently going to bed with a full face of makeup, you’re creating a recipe for disaster.

    If you don’t have a good skincare routine in place, consider finding one that helps keep your skin as clean as possible. Trust us, it's worth the extra 5-10 minutes a day! Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered
  • Hormones. Changes in your body happen throughout adolescence and adulthood and can cause your hormones to go haywire. Hormones trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which can lead to more breakouts. 

    Stress also triggers the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can also affect how your sebaceous glands produce oil, making them produce more than they normally would. The more stressed you are, the more pimples that can happen.
  • Irritants in your diet. There’s ongoing research that suggests some of the foods you eat might not be beneficial for helping clear your skin. For example, dairy and sugar are being studied to see if their consumption is linked to acne breakouts. 
  • Sun damage. Exposure to the sun can also irritate skin and cause breakouts. You may love the way your skin looks when sunkissed, but it’s not a great idea if you’re trying to clear up your skin. Not to mention, too much sun will age you faster than practically anything else. 

You’ve Probably Already Tried…

Everyone you know has a “foolproof” solution for getting rid of a bad breakout. There’s no shortage of methods for ridding yourself of unsightly bumps from zit creams to clay and charcoal masks. The problem is, many of these methods can actually dry your skin, leaving it peeling, chapped, and uncomfortable.

Prescription acne solutions can also be harsh, and some of them contain ingredients that make your skin especially sensitive to sunburn. This condition is known as photosensitivity. 

How Do Acne Stickers Work?

If you’ve been dealing with breakouts for a while, you might be a hard sell on a magic sticker that promises to leave you blemish-free by morning. We get it. Thankfully, this is one product that truly delivers. 

Acne stickers are your new best friend. These tiny stickers are filled with healing ingredients that get to work as soon as you place the sticker on your skin. These patches are designed to combat two big issues with pimples:

  1. They reduce and eliminate the bump.
  2. They discourage squeezing, picking, and popping. 

Here’s how these amazing patches work...

  • Hydrocolloid. This is essentially the “how” of how acne stickers work. Hydrocolloid dressings have been used for decades to heal wounds. By absorbing moisture from the wound, they help the wound dry up and heal faster. 

    Acne stickers are mini hydrocolloid patches. When placed over a pimple, they pull the moisture from the bump, drying up the pimple so it's less noticeable and disappears faster than it would on its own. 
  • Tea tree oil. Numerous studies point to all-natural tea-tree oil as an excellent ingredient for battling blemishes. Acne stickers, like the ones available from Rael, contain this oil to help fight bacteria and keep the area clean.
  • Totarol. This natural extract is taken from the Totara tree and is packed with antioxidant power. Your skin needs antioxidants to help fight environmental stressors, which can irritate your skin and even cause breakouts. Totarol helps keep your skin protected and soothes skin irritation. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid. This acid is found naturally in your own body. It helps soothe irritation and reduce redness, making it a great ingredient for acne stickers. Hyaluronic acid is also extremely hydrating, which means our acne stickers won’t leave your skin dry and peeling like some acne treatments do. 

When you place an acne sticker on a blemish, it goes to work immediately, fighting to draw out moisture from the bump to dry it out while leaving skin moisturized and helping soothe irritation. 

How to Use Acne Stickers

You can use an acne sticker to help erase blemishes really easily. When you see a bump on your skin, resist the urge to squeeze, pop, or pick. Ultimately, this only makes your acne worse. Picking can force bacteria under your skin to other pores, infecting them and creating more bumps. 

Instead of picking your skin, reach for an acne sticker. Clean the affected area of your skin, let your skin dry, and then gently apply the acne patch. The patch should be worn for a minimum of four hours but can be worn longer or even overnight. 

Because acne stickers are clear, they blend with virtually any skin tone and are barely noticeable, making them a great option for wearing during your day. 

When you’re done with the sticker, gently remove it to reveal clear skin and a smaller (or completely invisible) bump. 

Not sure it’s working? Check the side of the acne sticker that has been against your skin. You’ll notice that the portion that was covering the bump is now white. The moisture that has been removed from the bump is visible (which is kind of rewarding to see). 

Rael’s Acne Stickers

You already trust us to give you the most natural, environmentally safe, and gentle women’s care products. Now, you can trust us to help you manage frustrating breakouts with natural, safe products like our acne stickers. 

Rael offers two different types of acne stickers: 

  • Our Invisible Spot Cover is perfect for acne-like swollen, red bumps and whiteheads. If you can see it, these patches can help it. Hydrocolloid absorbs pus and oil and protects your skin from external stressors while it works. The patch prevents you from picking or popping and helps keep you protected from scarring. 

    Invisible Spot Cover is available in two different sizes for individual blemishes and is even available in a patch for acne hot spots. 
  • Rael’s Microcrystal Spot Cover. At the risk of sounding dramatic, under-the-skin bumps are the worst. Hard, painful lumps under the skin can seem impossible to eliminate. They crop up during your monthly cycle and live rent-free on your face until they eventually disappear. Squeezing them makes the area red and swollen and can even cause scarring. You know you shouldn't but it's impossible to resist!

    Send under-the-skin bumps packing with our Microcrystal Spot Cover. This highly effective, deeply penetrating formula of white willow bark extract, totarol, and hyaluronic acid goes to work immediately to break up oil and reduce swelling, eliminating the bump and helping you get relief.  

We’re confident you’ll agree; acne stickers are an absolute must for surviving cyclic breakouts and breakouts that just seem to crop up for no reason. 

The Takeaway

Acne stickers are a new take on old technology. Hydrocolloid technology is what makes acne stickers effective in removing pus and oil from your bumps and helping to make them less noticeable (and even non-existent). 

Combining hydrocolloid technology with other natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil, hyaluronic acid, and totarol is a great way to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and protected while the patch dives deep into your pores to promote healing and prevent scarring.

Rael’s acne stickers are natural, holistic helpers to get you through a breakout so you can hop on your next Zoom call with confidence!  


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