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The Rael difference between our period panties and others

We’ve all been there: Just when you think your cycle is coming to an end and switch to a panty...

Yeast Infection? You need to try Rael Wipes

A yeast infection in your vagina is not how any girl wants to spend their day. But it is an...

Interview with Kate Westervelt from MOMBOX

This is a story about Kate Westervelt, a new mother from Massachusetts who wanted to encourage other women to use...

The Essentials to Achieve Perfect Glowy Skin

Rael’s Face Masks are uniquely designed to treat and help your nighttime or even daytime routine.  

PMS Relief Smoothie

We all know that feeling of bloating, craving for something rich and satisfying, and anger or even sadness that abruptly...

Why You Should Make The Switch To Organic Feminine Hygiene

I know it can sound kind of alarmist to worry about the toxins in sanitary pads and tampons. But our...
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