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Perfect Monthly "Kit"

First of all, they are organic cotton! They are safe for your body, NO chemicals whatsoever! They are eco-friendly! Let's start with the panty liners, they are super thin, flexible, and comfortable! They are great for everyday wear and are so tiny you can hide them in your wallet. Next, the regular pads have 1 set of wings and do not slide. The overnight pads have 2, yes 2 sets of wings!!! It is awesome, you can toss and turn while sleeping and do not worry about any leakage. The pads are super comfortable and absorbent.. The feminine wash is a nice addition to the shower routine, it is lightly scented with herbs. The herbal wash is wonderful since it doesn't kill the good bacteria, so it naturally balances the pH in your body.. This kit is perfect for the monthly dues us women have to endure.
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